Working across industries & sectors


We’re problem solvers first and foremost, meaning that we’ll start by identifying your business outcomes. Across industries, our breadth of experience is versatile: we’ve summarized a few of our favorite examples for you to quickly skim below.


  • We’ve developed an enrollment process automation solution for PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) using Salesforce CRM.
  • We’ve helped several customers develop a device integration strategy.
  • We’ve worked with providers to integrate and analyze their data more effectively to achieve specific quality of care improvements.
  • We’ve helped providers build comprehensive care coordination models for more effective patient care plans.

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  • We worked with one client, an independent software vendor, had previously developed a contract management solution on the .NET platform. We helped them re-architect the solution on the cloud as an AppExchange product.
  • We work with numerous scaling startups that are looking to develop the right systems for growth. We helped one company, a startup that had just raised its Series B, develop the right infrastructure for growth beyond its Series A benchmarks.
  • We helped a telecommunications services provider with global sales forces enable world-class inside sales processes in their online buying environments

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Business Services

We use our unparalleled SaaS expertise to help a wide range of companies including HR, VC, training, financial consulting, marketing, consulting, staffing, security, telecommunications, internet services and logistics to create better business outcomes.

  • We helped a leading venture capital firm develop a App that would help their portfolio companies track and share data more collaboratively.
  • We helped a large sales coaching and training firm finish building a partially developed app that would enable easy goal setting based on opportunities, leads, accounts, campaigns or other criteria within large sales organizations.

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