Better Business Outcomes with CRM, ERP and Data

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Drive business performance with Salesforce, NetSuite and Enterprise Intelligence

Lirik helps you automate key business processes and make informed decisions by unifying data across the enterprise systems. Our team of 250+ domain experts, technical architects, consultants and engineers help implement Salesforce and NetSuite solutions as well as build data pipelines and models that ensure high-quality data, action-oriented analytics and support LLM based AI initiatives.

Combining an agile and nimble approach with the maturity of a large SI, we make sure the job is done right - the first time. See how Lirik can help you solve your SaaS and Data challenges in weeks, not months.

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Who We Are

We’re a close-knit team of consultants, software architects, analytics experts, project managers, and engineers. We bring a rare blend of deep technology expertise, diverse industry experiences, and creative problem-solving abilities to every customer engagement. You can read more about our story and team here and check out some of our processes here.

What We Do

Deploying new solutions

Fine-tuning existing systems to run better

Integrating disparate systems

Enabling analytics at every touchpoint.

We’re SaaS experts—we help our customers deliver positive business outcomes by (1) deploying new solutions, (2) fine-tuning existing systems to run better, (3) Integrating disparate systems and (4) enabling analytics at every touchpoint. Check out our services here.

Check out our services

Learn how Lirik can help you. Schedule a complimentary consultation.

Our Approach

We’re data driven and have adopted design thinking as our primary methodology. Our team will engage with you to frame your business challenge and co-create the solution. At every step, we find opportunities to iterate and improve. You can read more about our processes here.

Our Values

When we launched our company, we had two goals in mind: to provide great quality and amazing service. More than 70 team members and hundreds of projects later, those values still hold strong.


From defining the problem to building out the right solution, we pay attention to the finer details.


We prioritize well-defined processes and open communication.


We champion the best technology to provide a solution that meets functional, financial and technical goals.


We’re excited to be your guides, every step of the way.

Customer Testimonials

Learn how Lirik can help you. Schedule a complimentary consultation.